All artwork this page copyright Meryl Ann Butler 2003

The Flowering of Love

c. 2000 Meryl Ann Butler

24” x 24”

Private collection

This precision pieced kaleidoscopic image is made up of over 400 pieces of fabric.

Eight luscious pink roses surround a center image made of four interlocking red roses. Between the red roses, olive fabric with a swirling design is pieced to create eight hearts. Green is used as it is the color for the heart chakra.

The tan background fabric features musical notes, alluding to the connection between music and love. Hidden in the flowers at the four corners are magical fairies, waiting to sprinkle their love dust upon the unsuspecting.

Over 20 different fabrics were used including Liberty of London, overdyed prints, and antique fabric from Indonesia.

The eight tips of the star are free floating triangles giving a three dimensional effect. Each tip is pieced to create a heart shape from two flower buds. It is embellished with acrylic paint, colored pencil, and beads.

Prints will be available of this piece of artwork.