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All artwork this page copyright Meryl Ann Butler 2003

Isis, Goddess of Egypt

54” x 30”

c. 2001


Isis is the Ancient Egyptian goddess of the arts, healing, birth, death and resurrection. She is depicted here with wings spread, holding the sun disc.The shape of this piece of quilted fiber art is designed to be reminiscent of an Egyptian necklace. Hand dyed fabrics in earthy and elegant Egyptian colors and printed fabrics, many with Egyptian motifs, create the background for the image of Isis, created in holographic foils. An “Eye of Horus”, symbol of Isis’ son, adorns the center top of the quilt. This piece of fiber artwork is created from over 700 pieces. Fabrics include hand dyed cottons, printed cottons, hand made piping, embroidered silk and Ultrasuede. It is embellished with Egyptian scarabs, glass beads, tiger eye beads, gold-plated beads, brass ankh charms, metallic trim, metallic threads, holographic foil, velvet ribbon, tassel.