All artwork this page copyright Meryl Ann Butler 2003

Kuan Yin with Dragons

34" x 45"

c. 2001

Private collection

Kuan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. The dragons (in the upper left and lower right corners) are Kuan Yin’s protectors. The goddess floats serenely, in an 8-sided frame symbolizing the 8-fold path of Buddhism. Eight beaded petal shapes represent lotus petals. One fabric features tiny mandala wheels against a black background: even each one of these have 8 sides. This image of Kuan Yin was created in a modern adaptation of Oshi-e, an ancient oriental fiber art technique often referred to as “padded picture dolls.” I learned this technique from my friend and sister fiber artist Wendy Bush Hackney. This quilted fiber artwork is made from over 250 pieces. It includes hand dyed cotton fabrics, printed cotton fabrics, brocades, silk, rayon, holographic lame and hand made piping. The porcelain-like face has been painted with acrylic paint on silk.  The artwork is embellished with glass beads, tiger eye beads, gold-plated beads, embroidered ribbon, metallic trim metallic threads, Sculpey and yarns..