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Kuan Yin of the Cranes

34.5" x 45"


Private collection

Oil paint on linen canvas, hand dyed cotton fabrics, printed cotton fabrics, metallic woven fabrics and hand made piping. Embellished with glass beads, hand carved rose quartz heart beads, gold-plated beads, metallic threads, glow-in-the-dark threads. Created from over 250 pieces.

Kuan Yin sits serenely, surrounded by her aura, in an eight-sided frame symbolizing the eight-fold path of Buddhism. Eight beaded, olive-colored petal shapes represent lotus petals. The screen-printed olive fabric was purchased overseas by Hugh Lynn Cayce (son of Edgar Cayce, the famous American psychic), probably in the 1950’s or 1960’s.

The image of Kuan Yin was painted on linen canvas with oil paint, then it was cut out and applied to the quilt. Glow-in-the-dark threads were used to stitch around the perimeter of the figure, so that when the lights are turned out, an aura in the shape of Kuan Yin glows for several hours.

Cranes (in the upper left and lower right corners) are associated with Kuan Yin and are symbols of good luck.