Frequently Asked Questions

Q-I'm not creative, and even though I have always wanted to learn to draw and paint, I can't even draw a stick figure. Can private art lessons help me?

A-Everyone is born creative! All children enjoy drawing until, someone, well-meaning or not, criticizes them. This results in a wound to the creative self, and in order to protect themselves, most children then close the door to their artistic expression rather than risk being hurt again. When they grow up, they still draw at the level that they were when they were wounded, and never progressed from there. So, creativity is not some mysterious quality that some people have and some don't, but a quality within everyone. If it has been blocked off, then it is just a matter of uncovering it. Anyone who is provided with a supportive environment in which to learn the techniques of the masters, can learn to draw well.

Q-What kind of artistic ability is required in order to take art lessons?

A-No artistic ability is required!
There are only three requirements in order to learn to create the type of artwork that you see in the Student Gallery:
  1. Ability to see out of at least one eye
  2. Have the use of at least one hand
  3. Be eager to learn
That's all!

Q- The paintings in the Student Gallery all look so advanced and professional! These must be examples of the work of the best students….is there any chance that I might be able to do nearly this well?

A- The painting in the student gallery are very good paintings! Still, they are work that is created by the average student taught by Ms. Butler. Anyone who learns the Renaissance-type techniques that she teaches can expect to produce work of this caliber.

Q- Do I need to have an art studio in my home in order to take lessons?

A-No, just a space with a chair, an easel (floor or table easel), a table for supplies and good lighting. This can easily be set up in a temporary or permanent location in your home. During your first class you will receive help in setting up your studio area for maximum effectiveness.

Q- What is the price for private art lessons?

A- $85/hour with a 90-minute minimum, for one or two students. Cash or checks are accepted at the time of the lesson.

Q- I have a very artistic child. Do you teach younger children, too?

A- Yes. Most of my private students learning traditional drawing and paintingtechniques are teens or adults. Younger children learn a series of introductory drawing and creativity activities.

Q- Are there any special benefits for children from art training?

A- Children learn skills that can enhance their learning experience in school. Art training gives them an opportunity to engage the right hemisphere of the brain, which enhances brain integration, and therefore all areas of learning. Developing drawing skills also improves self-esteem. Children also learn art techniques that help them add extra enhancement to their school projects.

Q- How do I know what supplies are required?

A- Students receive a supply list when they register for lessons.

Q- I really want to paint portraits. Can I learn that?

A- I confer with each student to develop the course of study that best meets their needs and desires. Students can select learning topics from the following: Drawing, painting, pastel, pen and ink, watercolor, color theory and application, still life, landscape, portrait, figure, and luminous colored pencil drawings.

Q- Are you willing to travel outside the areas listed?

A- This service is available for an additional fee.

Q- How do I register or find out more information?

A- Contact Ms. Butler at